Our Story

Imagine bringing together the finest Belly Dance talents in the Denver and Boulder area to create a studio and production company to offer the most inspirational classes, informative workshops and exciting shows.  Mile High Belly Dance hopes to encourage Dancers, Artists and Musicians of all experience levels, sizes, genders, ethnic backgrounds and diversity to participate.  Our Studio opened it's doors in 2009 and has hosted ongoing education through classes and workshops.  We've offered the most fun and celebratory haflas, shows and events.  And Mile High Belly Dance has been honored to represent out community by producing and performing at festivals that draw tens of thousands to appreciate our art form.


Pasha has always had a deep love of Dance.  Even before she could walk, her mother made films in Korea of baby Pasha "Crawl Dancing".  Director, Instructor and Producer. Currently Non-Dance Workshops like Veil Dying, Henna and can't wait to get back to her true love, teaching Beginner's Classes.  
"I love seeing dancers light up when they learn something for the first time!"  

Frank Farinaro

Frank Farinaro is Colorado's premiere, touring male bellydancer. Over the past seven years, Frank has toured nationally and internationally, teaching and performing across three continents. A life-long dancer and constant student, Frank has studied (and continues) numerous dance and movement styles from around the globe to create his signature "Hammerhead Sharqi Dance Technique." Described as "athletic artistry," Frank's dance style is an eclectic combination of foundational technique, knowledgeable fusion, strong athleticism, and emotional expression. Frank is honored to share his love of art and passion for dance with you.

Instructors of Classes and Workshops and Performers of Shows are respected, talented and internationally well known. Some of our past Performers/Instructors include: Michelle Manx, Bahaia, Sa'diyya "Ms. Belly Dance Universe 2011", Khadijah, Deb Rubin, Jason Hann (Percussionist of The String Cheese Incident), Sonia, Frank Farinaro, Christine Moore, Allysum, Pasha, Jennifer Stempian, Phoenix of Denver, Eric Salazar and Tribe Nawaar.

Instructors' Narratives...

Hear the Siren's Song of Doumbek and Oud and learn the Ancient Art of Belly Dance!  You can open doors thought to have been closed and joyfully excel through dance.

​Students at Mile High Belly Dance can attend ongoing classes for all levels in a warm and supportive environment. Students may also perform at events all across Colorado and beyond if they choose to including the Boulder Creek Festival, various local restaurants and club venues, theaters, family friendly events such as weddings, student shows and more.

With gracious patience and a healthy dollop of humor, Mile High Belly Dance is teaching so many to realize the creative potential within all of us.




Mile High Belly Dance